Single Russian females from Lipetsk

“You are simply wonderful” – is what my friends say about me. Guess that’s true!  I consider myself to be a very friendly, optimistic and outgoing person. Also my friends often say that I’m very helpful, open-hearted, kind and just nice. I like meeting new people, communication and I’m very flexible when it comes to accepting some new situations or changes and coping with difficulties. I would say, I’m a non-conflict person. I believe that there is a solution for any problems. I like sincere and honest people like I am. I try to be around interesting people that are smart and intelligent. I’m very active girl with a bunch of versatile interests. I like everything new, exciting and unknown. I’d say I’m rather talented and gifted. I like to sing, but dancing is my favourite. I’ve been ballroom dancing for 12 years and now I even teach little kids. I have to add that I love kids, and working with them can’t be called “job”, – it’s a pleasure! Strong happy family is on the first place among my values. I’m a big sports fan and even though I’ve never played football, I like to watch it on TV with friends. I’m also fond of water sports and that’s why I go to the swimming pool. I love visiting clubs, cinemas and theatres too. I can hardly imagine my life without travelling. I haven’t visited many places yet, but I believe my dream will come true some day. You know, it’s very hard to find a real man nowadays in Ukraine, They are either not interested in marriage and having kids or they have bad habits and health. I’ve never fallen in love so I believe I’ll find it on this site. I want to meet an intelligent, good-looking man who will be my first and only love, a real man who seriously wants to make a family and have children. I want to find a good husband and a loving father for my future kids.

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